eazyBI license expired in my JIRA how to export data from eazyBI

In my old server JIRA with expired eazyBI license, I want to export the data and migrate it to my cloud-based JIRA. However, due to the expiration of my old JIRA eazyBI license, I am unable to perform any actions. I require assistance in this matter. We have started using eazyBI in our cloud-based JIRA, but I also need access to the historical data from the old instance. Is there any way to extend the expired license to facilitate this process? or any other way is there ?

Hi @rohith,

The eazyBI Server app licenses are perpetual - you can keep using the app even after the license has expired. While you can’t update the app to newer versions, other functionality is available.
To migrate your Server eazyBI accounts, reports, calculated members, etc., to Cloud, use the eazyBI database migration tool - Database migration.

Please note the database migration tool doesn’t migrate imported data, only configuration. Additionally, it expects the same Jira environment in the destination instance as in the origin - custom fields, field members, IDs, etc. To have the historical Jira data from the old instance in the Cloud, you must also migrate Jira.

Another option you can consider is exporting all reports from particular or several eazyBI accounts and importing them into your Cloud environment eazyBI - Export and import report definitions.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com