EazyBI Report - Excel export - Maximum row is 65535

Hi guys,

when I try to export a big table report in excel I receive the following message
We’re sorry, but something went wrong while exporting data.
Error message:
Maximum row number is 65535
Can I increment that limit in any way?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @fabio.racobaldo,

This is a limit for excel file size. You may consider several alternatives

  1. Exporting data to CSV format. This format does not have a row limit and contains data without formatting.

  2. Use resort result export API to get report data in CSV or JSON format:
    For more details see the documentation: Report results export API

  3. You may export data in several takes by adding dimensions on report pages and exposing data for individual page selections (see documentation Create reports - Page dimenions )

Zane / support@eazyBI.com