EazyBI REST API does not work anymore


We have a CSV file which is stored on another server, and we need to import this CSV file weekly, by using the REST API from EazyBI.

We’ve created the EazyBI account, added REST API as source application, added the link to the CSV file, added the authentication parameters with Username & Password, we tried to see if it works, and… it worked! We obtained the content of that CSV file and everything was good (that was until 20 Oct 2023). Now, since 23 Oct 2023, we’ve got a new Jira update (9.4.8.), and we get “Unauthorized” error from the API… Same CSV file, same credentials, nothing changed from our side or on the server side.

Can someone please help us? Are there any problems with Jira 9.4.8.?

Thank you!

The error “Received HTTP 403” indicates a “Forbidden” response returned by the API you are calling. eazyBI relies on its libraries for REST API calls, and these are typically unaffected by Jira upgrades. However, if your API is on Jira, Jira’s newer versions often enforce stricter security, which might impact specific API interactions requesting files or data.

Please review the API permissions and configuration. I recommend testing the API connection using a tool like Postman to diagnose any restrictions or issues more accurately.

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Thank you for your response!

We really don’t know what the problem is… We still cannot user the Username & Password, but we managed to use a Jira Authentication Token, and it works without problems.

If we couldn’t connect with this Token either, we would have diagnose the issue as you specified, but, for now, we will continue using this Jira Authentication Token :slight_smile:

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