EazyBI shows 'Importing' since long and there are hardly any issues. What to do?

EazyBI is importing since almost 40 minutes. And there are hardly 50 issues in JIRA. Ideally, there should be some status or error message indicating what’s happening.

Since, there was nothing and I couldn’t access any other page on JIRA, I had no option but to restart JIRA but even that failed. I finally had to restart server and that’s when everything got ok.

Has anybody else faced similar issue of eazyBI showing ‘importing’ since long? If yes, what / how did you resolved/fix it?

Sorry to hear you have such trouble with eazyBI and Jira. From the description, it is hard to tell what went wrong.

In cases when eazyBI data import seems to be stuck on a Jira server, you may send eazyBI log files to eazyBI Suppor for investigation (note that, you can access log files directly also on a Jira server). We will help to find the cause and suggests some solution to withdraw similar situations in the future.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com