Eazybi Sprint Status active error

Hello - not really getting much traction with the help documentation but found this query but, when running it myself, I get the following error:

( [Measures].[Transitions to],
[Transition Field].[Sprint status],
[Sprint Status].[Active],
– An issue was in a sprint at a sprint start time
[Issue Sprint Status Change].[Future => Active],
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Start date’)

==> Formula is not valid:
“MDX object ‘[Sprint Status].[Active]’ not found in cube ‘Issues’”

Can someone please provide some guidance please.

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In this case, you could ensure that “Issue change history” is selected for import as well as changes for custom field “Sprints” are selected for import via import options before you use this calculation code.

Please also read the documentation page about “Jira Software custom fields”

Martins / eazyBI support

The error was actually due to me being on an older version of eazyBI, so support for the functions called out in the formula just aren’t supported.