EazyBI Suppress Legend in a report

I have a report that contains a large legend for a report and the user want to just have the legend suppressed

eazyBI always will show all members used in the report on the legend. However, in some cases, you can have more members on legend than on report, as they can show you some empty rows/columns as well.

eazyBI has two options how to minimize members on report (empty rows/columns).

You can use nonempty (1) option. This is the most effective way how to minimize members on Rows based on Pages selections. This could improve report performance as well.

Please remember you can use swap axis (2) option for bar chart. It does not matter if you are using dimension on Rows or in Columns for this report. Check what works the best for you.

You can also hide empty rows and columns (3) options as well.

We believe that a user should always see the legend. We have a feature idea for legend restructuring. I will add a community vote to the ticket.

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Hi Daina, thanks for that clear answer.
I just started to use eazyBI plugged with JIRA and i’m very happy.
For my reports, I need would need to remove the legend (because colors used are clear enough). I think this should be an option.
More over, with the hover effect, any user can see the legend.
Thanks a lot