Embedded Report - How to turn off Drill Across Feature without turning off Column sorting

Hello! I am using the “embed Report” feature that allows non-license folks to see a table-report. I want to lock down the ability to drill into/across/through but still allow them to sort by column heading. It appears turning off any of these limits the column sorting. Does anyone have any input on this? Thank you.


Disabling the mentioned actions does indeed remove the column sorting functionality in embed reports. Unfortunately, there isn’t a separate action to allow only column sorting.

We do have a feature request to expand the available disable/enable actions in embedded reports. I will add your vote to it as those are taken into account when considering new features for development. Also, we don’t provide ETA’s, I don’t have any information on when this could be implemented.

I apologize for the troubles this is causing you,
Robert // eazyBI support