Embedding EazyBI report within Confluence - Not displaying

I am running Confluence 6.13.0 and am looking to embed an EazyBi report in a Confluence page. The Confluence HTML macro is enabled and I verified that is does in fact work using some simple html. The iframe embed from EazyBI does not render and only displays whitespace. Other content on the Confluence page includes an embedded Jira filter and a table. The iframe embed code is pasted within the HTML macro.

Thoughts anybody? Thanks in advance.



The reason why the HTML macro in Confluence does not show the eazyBI Iframe is the Jira security settings. You need to exclude the eazyBI app from the clickjacking protection in Jira. That requires the use of specific environment settings at the Jira startup. See here for more:

Janis, eazyBI support

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