Empty Field in Cumulative Sum Calculation

I have a cumulative calculated member formula for story points resolved (story-punkte) on my burndown chart which works but there are empty fields on the days when there was no points burned. I need the empty fields to be filled with the same value as the field above i.e. first empty field would be 9 and the second empty field would be 23 etc. Please can you help? Here is the formula:

WHEN CurrentTuple(VisibleRowsSet()).Item(0).Name = ‘$total_aggregate’ THEN
[Measures].[Story-Punkte Resolved Status].Value
WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Story-Punkte Resolved Status]) THEN
Head(VisibleRowsSet(), Rank(CurrentTuple(VisibleRowsSet()), VisibleRowsSet())),
[Measures].[Story-Punkte Resolved Status]

In that case you will need to pad your original measure with Zeros in case it’s empty.
Just go to your measure “Stoty-Punkte Resolved Status”, and add to it the coalesceempty function.
this function adds a zero in case the result is empty.
for example, if the original formula was x+y, then you add:
coalesceempty(x+y, 0)


You may want to try out the latest eazyBI version (starting from version 6.0) and there is an option to select either you want your cumulative sum inlcuding of without empty rows (you would need “including empty”). No additional calculations are needed then (thanks @ran.lavi for your suggestion!).

Ilze / support@eazybi.com