Enable Multiple scheduled data import feature for Cloud

Hello, this is Erik.
As eazyBI Cloud administrator, i would like to have a feature that allows me to perform multiple data imports during the day. For example schedule a data import at 10 AM and another at 5 PM on the same day.
We have teams across different continents and want to give the option to have our reports and data update in small timeframe compared to the current 24h wait.

As my understanding this feature is available in Server version.

Set minimum regular import frequency

Hope you guys can put this somewhere in the roadmap.
Thanks and keep up the great job!

Hi Erik,

I’ve added your vote to multiple-times-a-day import in Cloud :ballot_box: However, there are no plans to make the regular imports more frequent in the cloud as “Process events” feature imports all the main changes every hour: Data from Jira

If you would like to have two regular import times, I’d suggest creating an account for each of the timezones for each team to use. This way, the account import of one timezone will not disturb the work of the team in the other timezone.

You can even make the main account a “Template account” and the second account the “Child account” which will synchronise and automatically import any newly created reports from the Template account during each import: Template accounts

​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support