Enrich sprint with additional data via import

Hello all,
I’m trying to import additional data for sprints. This data is called capacity. So I defined an excel table with columns Key, Capacity.

In Key I put in the sprint id, in Capacity an integer value. The Capacity data I want to show in relation to the Sprint.


Table was imported into Issues cube, but I do not get a handle on how to map this imported data to jira data.


Could not add this to original post. Import def:

Solved it by changing import file / definition

now it appears as property for a sprint:

Hi dirk,
Welcome to the eazyBI community!

Your first way (first import screenshot) should work with the following edits:

  • When dimension is selected to be “Sprint”, the level also should be chosen from the drop-down and be “Sprint”.

  • In advanced options select “Key columns” and “Skip missing”, to skip the lines if file contains key, that is not in Issues cube.

After the import, the measure and property should be visible in “Measures” (started typing “Cap” in search box to limit the list):

To access property in formulas, use:

Let me know if this worked for you.


Hi Ilze,

thx that works out.