Epic burnup report without epic link?

Atlassian indicated they are deprecating ‘Epiclink’ webhooks in favor of ‘Parent’
From what I read, Parent can apply to any issue at any point in the hierarchy, so selecting an epic based on epiclink - current epic burnup report behavior seems to present a challenge come May 31

What are alternate approaches that can be tested prior to losing current reports?

Atlassian delivered partial updates in Jira Cloud for some sites already using Parent field for any hierarchal structures - Parent - Sub-tasks, Epics, Advanced Roadmap. We released support switching Epic Link and Parent Link import from specific custom fields to the parent field already. You should not see any changes in eazyBI default import and dimension structure after deprecating Epic Link and Parent Link custom fields in Jira.

The changes might have an impact on you if you are using calculated JavaScript custom fields addressing those fields explicitly in javascript calculation. Please check eazyBI advanced settings if you are addressing those fields in any way. You might need to make updates there.

Daina / support@eazybi.com