Epic Estimation - Ideal Trajectory


I am trying to get my epic estimation (custom field) into eazyBI. I have added “Estimate” as a custom field into my import and now I am able to see the predefined measures.However, when I try to pull any of these into my table nothing populates.

What I am trying to do is take the estimate of the epic and divide that by the amount of sprints in the quarter so i can do a trend line of how many story points should be completed per sprint on average to stay on track.

(estimate / # of sprints) * sprint #

So if my estimate is 40 story points and there are 6 sprints in Q4, this is what i would get in return

(sprint 1) : ( 40 / 6) * 1 = 7
(sprint 2) : ( 40 / 6) * 2 = 14
(sprint 3) : ( 40 / 6) * 3 = 21


The reason the Estimate does not show up in the report is that the report page filters and rows eliminate the values from the report. For example, using the Time dimension in the report pages limits the measures to the epics created in the selected period (Q4-2022). I do not see the full picture of your report from the screenshot, but it may also be that the measures are empty because you use the Sprint dimension and do not add the epics to sprints (stories are added instead).

I suggest contacting support with more details on your use case for more detailed guidance.

Janis, eazyBi support