Epic progress to create report with initiative status


We have to create report showing the progress for initiatives. The progress should be calculated in the following way:

We have to consider the following structure:
Initiative → is blocked by Change request → is blocked by Epic → issues in this Epic (only Epic childs without other issues linked to Epic by relations like “is blocked by”, etc.)

Initiative progress should be calculated based on epics progress.

Epic progress should be calculated based on issues in Epic created and resolved, i.e. 5 issues resolved / 10 issues created - progress 50% (“issues in this Epic” can be various types: story, risk, bug, etc.)

How to get the Epic progress?? As a result we should get something like this in the table:

Initiative | Change Request | Epics with progress
Initiative A
|-> CR-111 | EP-10 50%, EP-12 20%
Initiative B
|-> CR-122 | EP-15 30%, EP-16 80%, EP-44 0%
|-> CR-152 | EP-19 10%, EP-22 0%, EP-14 0%

For now we are able to get similar table as above but with Epic list only, without the progress. Progress is crucial here.

We spent long hours but we are not able to implement it without your support. We will be gratefull for your help!

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Hello @Izzy
Please find another community post where my colleague explained how to define new custom hierarchies for the “Issue” dimension that would roll up results on hierarchy levels automatically.

After the hierarchy is imported, you could create calculated measures that should calculate the progress for each level of the new custom hierarchy.

Martins / eazyBI