Epic renaming in cloud

Is there any documentation on the effects of renaming the Epic issue type in Jira cloud now that Atlassian has released this function? I cannot find any docs or community discussions on this subject. I have an environment where the Epic issue type will be renamed to Feature and a higher level issue type renamed to Epic.

Hi @Jordan_Wilkinson ,
I already have answered this in your direct conversation to support@eazybi.com, but I will publish the answer also here for others.

The root cause of this problem is, as you stated, the new Issue type with the name “Epic” that is added above the original epic issue type (now “Feature”). eazyBI expects that issue types named “Epic” will be in the third level.
We already have an improvement in our backlog to fix this, but I cannot promise when this could be delivered.

Currently, you can either change the name of your issue type that is used above the original epic (so it isn’t “Epic”), or you can create a custom hierarchy using this configuration (see the comments in the configuration for more details):

name = "Epic"
data_type = "string"
update_from_issue_key = "customfield_p2"
javascript_code = '''
// for any Feature import reference to Epic using Parent Link
if (issue.fields.parent && issue.fields.issuetype.name == "Feature" {
    issue.fields.customfield_p3 =  issue.fields.parent.key;
name = "Feature"
data_type = "string"
update_from_issue_key = "subtask_parent_key"
javascript_code = '''
// for rest of the issue types (using example with Bug and Incident) import reference to Feature using Parent Link
if (issue.fields.parent && (issue.fields.issuetype.name == "Bug" || issue.fields.issuetype.name == "Incident")) {
    issue.fields.customfield_p2 =  issue.fields.parent.key;

# define a new hierarchy with levels Initiative>Epic>Feature>Parent>Sub-task
name = "Custom hierarchy"
all_member_name = "All issues in the custom hierarchy"
levels = [
  {name="Epic", key_column="customfield_p3", issue_type= "Epic"},
  {name="Feature", key_column="customfield_p2", issue_type= "Feature"},

Then select “Epic” and “Feature” for the import, and a new additional Issue hierarchy will be created.

Gerda // support@eazybi.com