Epic Status as a Filter that does not filter Story for Status


I am setting uo a report that should list all Epics in Developement and their child stories. But I cannot figure out how to set up an issue status filter that only applies to issue typ Epic and does not affect the story status.

Hi, @DaveS

To filter Epics by status and not affect storys, please add “Epic Statuss” dimension in Advanced settings. using this script:

name = "Epic Status"
source_dimension = "Status"
issue_id_column = "epic_id"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

After adding script to Advanced settings, go to “Jira import options,” and under “Additional options,” select dimension and perform the import. See the picture below.

Use dimension “Epic Status” in pages to filter the Epics.

Kind regards,
Ilze support@eazybi.com