Epic status report and filter by specific label

We want to generate a report showing the status of all the epics for a given release (fix version field) and provide the progress based on the issue count that belongs to each epic (issues done vs total issues). Not all of our epics represent a milestone, we have a label for that. We want to filter only by epics with milestone labels. We are able to generate a report, but when we filter by milestone label that is only at the epic level, it doesn’t show the information we want, because the milestone label was not propagated to the epic’s children.

The previous screenshot shows what we have done so far in EasyBI. The name of our release is DEVAS and we have four projects with the same release name. So the report shows information for our four projects that belong to the same program.

We don’t want to propagate the milestone label to all our epic children, so we are looking for an alternative solution, that doesn’t force us to do that. Is there a way we can tell EasyBi, that we can filter by specific epics, but the filter criteria only affect at epic level, so the issues under such epics remain as part of the issues to count? Please take into account that I am new to EasyBI. This is our first report, so you can contextualize your answer. Thanks.


The recommended solution is still to inherit down the epic label to stories and sub-tasks. That can be done automatically in eazyBI using additional settings.

Please, check this documentation page:

You can find here the example precisely matching your use case:

Janis eazyBI support

Thanks for your response, we were trying to understand internally your approach, but we have additional questions:

  1. Do you mean easyBi will change label info down to stories in our project? I thought EasyBI is for reading the information, but not for writing into Jira, or is this something temporary for the purpose of the reports, but it doesn’t really updates in Jira? If EasyBI actually updates the label field, we prefer to do it outside of EasyBi to have more control, such as Automation.
  2. Label as per our understanding is already a dimension because we were able to filter by “Milestone” value.
  3. Do we need to create a custom field for the purpose of this report at a story level? , then EasyBI populates it (we actually don’t know how to do it) at a story level for the purpose of the report only?
  4. Is this custom field setting something at a site level or something at a specific report level? If it is at a site level it may affect the setting for other reports, correct?

Please would you provide more specific details about your approach?


Was there any closure to your questions? I have a very similar scenario where I am pulling epics by Program Increment and want to then include all stories linked to those epics. Since the PI field exists on both epics and stories, it is only including stories that are tagged with that same PI value. Really, the PI value at the story level is meaningless, so I want to disregard that value. This is somewhat similar to your scenario with the label and not wanting to update the label value on all the child tickets.
Just wondering if you had any solution to this…

Hi, @David_Leal

Sorry for the delayed answer.

eazyBI always uses Jira data in the read-only mode. The proposed solution doesn’t mean that eazyBI updates Jira labels. The solution mentioned creates a new dimension in eazyBI which works as if the label is inherited. It will create another dimension with epic labels for stories.

This setting works at the eazyBI account level, so you can create such a dimension in each account.

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi, @TJohnson

The solution of “inheritance” is different in the case of the custom fields.

A couple of similar solutions are discussed in the community:

Note, however, these solutions work for single select custom fields only.

Janis, eazyBI support