Epic to country code mapping to create map

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we have epic defined as below

I want to create a map but its showing empty. I am aware that to use map we need to have ISO code but not sure how can I get this into my cude and map to existing epic.

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Sorry, I am not familiar with this topic.
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Try to create a new measure with a CASE statement (WHEN EpicName MATCHES “GB” THEN gb_iso_code and so on) and see if it works.

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Hi @Deepak,

The Map chart requires a dimension with explicit ISO country codes used as dimension members.
Unfortunately, CA-FR will not work this time.

For other actual country codes, you might create a JavaScript-calculated custom field dimension “Location” to import two-symbol Epic names as “Location” for the Epics.
You might read more about that here - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

The next step is to cascade these values to the children issues.
Since this is not a standard dimension, it requires additional code to inherit from parents, and it might not be as open to changes. You might read more about this here - Inherited fields.

The code to be added to advanced settings might be as follows.

name = "Location"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''
if (issue.fields.summary.length<3 && issue.fields.issuetype && issue.fields.issuetype.name == "Epic"){
  issue.fields.customfield_locn = issue.fields.summary;

name = "Epic country" 
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = "epic_key"
javascript_code = '''
if(issue.fields.customfield_locn ) {
   issue.fields.customfield_locn_e = issue.fields.customfield_locn;

After importing the fields to the account, you might use this dimension to display the measures of issues split by the country code in the name of the Epic.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

@oskars.laganovskis Thank you so much , its working so perfectly.