Error "Formula is not valid" when creating a user defined calculated measure

Hi everyone,

I have a user-defined calculated measure ‘SUM of weights % (Tier 1)’ that is a simple calculation for the sum of two custom fields which is :

[Measures].[Weight for Tier 1 created] +
[Measures].[Weight created]

Right now, I would like to create another calculated measure based on the value of ‘SUM of weights % (Tier 1)’ that returns a text string like the example below :

[[Measures].[SUM of weights % (Tier 1)] = 100 THEN “Covered”
[[Measures].[SUM of weights % (Tier 1)] < 100 THEN “Partially covered”
[[Measures].[SUM of weights % (Tier 1)] > 100 THEN “More than 100%”
[[Measures].[SUM of weights % (Tier 1)] = 0 THEN “Not covered”

But I get the error :

Formula is not valid:
MDX object ‘[[Measures].[SUM of weights % (Tier 1)]’ not found in cube ‘Issues’

What should I do to fix this? Bare in mind, that I’m really new to EazyBI+MDX and would love some guidance. Thank you in advanced!

I fixed this, it’s cause by extra brackets :slight_smile: