Error importing SQL data - ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "contenthub-users"

I am new to eazyBI.
I’m getting the following error and am unsure how to identify the cause
“Source ID 2099474226946721290 row import failed: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "contenthub-users"
Position: 48”
What does position relate to?

Our query is as below. Attached to a Confluence database. I’m setting an integer value for the group name in a user and using that as a source ID in the data mapping.
Does the id value have to be unique for every combination of group/user/directory on the row?

select (@hashtextextended(grp.group_name, 0)) as id, current_date, usr.display_name,usr.user_name, grp.group_name, cast(grp.group_name as character varying (255) ) grpstring,
dir.directory_name,, 1 as Count
from cwd_membership mem
left join cwd_user usr on = mem.child_user_id
left join cwd_group grp on = mem.parent_id
left join cwd_directory dir on = usr.directory_id