Error Trying to Import Portfolio Team field as we already have Tempo Team field - how to fix?

We are currently using the Tempo Team but will be migrating to the Portfolio Team.

Both fields have the same name in Jira and EazyBI but have different custom field references.

For now, we need both but I am getting an error when trying to add Portfolio team to our import.

Cannot import custom fields with the same display name: “Team”

How can I resolve?

Hi @lizziedee,

I am posting the answer from the support conversation you had with my colleague below. This could help other people encountering the same issue.

Unfortunately, such error is inevitable when you select another custom field with the same name which already is imported in eazyBI (in your case “Team”) for another custom field.

The only workaround at the moment would be using eazyBI advanced settings to rename one (or both) of them by using it’s custom field ID in the following way:

name = "new Team"

You can pick the custom name for your “Team” field (perhaps “Portfolio Team” and “Tempo Team”) and that should appear in eazyBI import options afterward. Then it is safe to select both of them for import.
After making these changes you should be able to import both Teams in eazyBI.

Roberts // eazyBI support