Error while creating member with multi CASE condition


I have a multi CASE condition. I verified that each case on it’s own is working. But in combination I keep getting a “Formula is not valid: No function matches signature ‘CASE WHEN THEN … END’” error.

Anyone any ideas what the problem might be?


eazyBI tries to detect results type from the formulas you are using. It is easier when you use a formula for each case separately.

CASE condition results could be different data types. However, all cases of one formula should be of the same data type.

eazyBI in many cases can’t detect the one correct data type from formulas with CASE condition. You would like to to convert results to particular data type explicitly for each case result part.

In most cases, you have a numeric results.
You can use Val(your formula goes here) or Nonzero(<your formula goes there>) for setting numeric result explicitly.

Daina /

Thanks Daina,

This solves it. I suspected a data types issue in the first place, but after verifying all conditions return numeric values I did not expect this to be the problem. Additionally, the error message is not really helpful.