Error while importing data: Numeric Field

Hi, I have technical issue on custom field while importing data (as attached). The custom field contains 14 digits data and data type I used for this custom field is decimal which has maximum 15 digits by default. How to resolve this error? Thank you. Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 21.52.56|690x358

Hi @chairanifd ,

Yes, you can adjust the precision of a custom field via the eazyBI advanced settings. Determine the custom field ID and add parameters similar to the one below to the eazyBI advanced settings:


Replace NNNNN with the ID of the custom field and update the eazyBI advanced settings. After that, head to the eazyBI import options, deselect the custom field from import and import the data. Finally, select the custom field back for import and import the data.

Roberts //