Error while importing data to a custom field dimension


I am currently evaluating eazy BI and I have a requirement to add more data (new data) to the cube and facing some issues with it.

I have imported issues from JIRA into eazy BI and for each jira project I want to add some more details like the Region name to which the project belongs, Release Status as well as Customer information like the following.

Project Name Region Release Status Customer
Project Name 1 JAPAC Ongoing Customer 1
Project Name 2 EMEA Released Customer 2

I want to add Region, Release Status and Customer as “Dimensions” so that I can apply filters and in one dashboard, I can have the data refreshed based on the Region / Release status.

Right now, there is no data in JIRA for these and I have added these as custom fields (tried with multi-select as well as free text) in JIRA.

I followed the instructions to import custom fields as dimensions with the following code and am getting the custom fields as dimensions

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
separate_table = true

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
separate_table = true

data_type = "string"
dimension = true
separate_table = true

However, when I try importing the data, I get the following error. I have followed the rules of Data mapping with providing atleast one measure (total effort).

I am not able to make much out of the error message. Would you please help?


Missing Region Name dimension member for
{"x_region_name"=>"JAPAC"} and new record creation is not allowed.

Is there something that I am doing wrong or eazyBI does not support this feature yet?

FYI: I am able to add these details to the project dimension as custom properties but what I need is to import them as dimensions so that I can apply a page filter for Region Name / Customer / Release Status.


Did you import the custom fields via custom field tabs in Import?

Thanks Peter.
Yes, the custom fields are checked but still I get this error.


Does it have to do with permissions at the database level? I see that we are telling EazyBI to create a separate table in this statement separate_table = true.

Does eazyBI check that the user has write access to the underlying schema? I have JIRA admin access. Would that suffice or do i need to have some special privileges?

You are on the right track to enable additional data import for custom fields.

The error message represents that you do not have a member with the name JAPAC in dimension Region-Name. Please check if, in the account, you have a member with the name JAPAC in dimension Region-Name.

During the import eazyBI checks mapping by all columns you used for a mapping. There should be values in those dimensions imported from Jira already to map additional data to them. eazyBI does not create new members with additional data import.

There is an option to ignore rows if there is no member imported from Jira yet. You can use an Advanced option skip missing. The import with this option will not throw any error but will ignore rows with no matches and will import only rows with a match by all columns.

I also suggest using mapping by Key column instead of Name column as well.

Here I used mapping by my dimension T-shirt size values using Key column and Skip missing options:

Daina /

Thanks @daina.tupule for the reply.

In this case, I don’t have that data in JIRA. So I don’t think so it is possible to add this via EazyBI.

You can import those values as properties mapped for Project dimension. Then you can use those property values in reports.

You can import Region (and Status) as property for Project. It will create new custom property Project Region and Project Status.
You would like to use mapping to Project dimension Project level in each column. Set In Advanced options set Property name Region and Status for columns Region and Status.

Then you can define calculated members in Project dimension using those properties. Fof example, you can define a calculated member in Project dimension Ongoing JAPAC Projects with this formula:

  CoalesceEmpty([Project].CurrentMember.Get("Status"),"") = "Ongoing"
  CoalesceEmpty([Project].CurrentMember.Get("Region"),"") = "JAPAC"

You would like to define calculated members for the combinations you would like to analyze. Then you can use those calculated members in reports, for example, in Pages to filter Ongoing JAPA projects only. The report will pull data representing issues of projects with status Ongoing and Region JAPAC.

Daina /

Hi I am having the same problem again with importing a list of fields from CSV into EazyBI. Are we able to do a Zoom or Google meet to get this CSV file imported today.