Estimated hours based on sprint start date

Hello community,
I have to track estimated hours in stories on weekly base. The measure “original estimated hours” is not useful in this case, because this shows the hours based on creation date of a story.
In my case I need it based on sprint start date, so for instance a story is planned for calenderweek 36, then I would like to see the time estimation for all sotries, that are planned in this week.

eazyBI imports original estimated hours mapped to issue created date only. We import more measures based on the remaining estimated hours. We suggest using this one to track data for Sprints.

eazyBI imports a set of historical measures for the Remaining estimated hours needed for building sprint reports. Here are a couple of reports in our demo account we suggest using for time tracking sprint reports:

You can export any of our sample reports and import them into your account.

Daina /