Estimation and time spent for the issue

I need a report to monitor the estimated and spent time as part of the task in the context of user groups (analysts, managers, developers, testers). To account for estimates for each of the groups, I added 4 custom fields for entering the estimates of labor costs for each of the groups that I selected as a measure in the report along with the column Spent hours. But when adding the Logged By Group column, these ratings are split up and duplicated. Can this be avoided?
Below is the title of the report table. The first 4 columns are estimates for one of the groups, divided by groups again, and the fifth is the hours spent in the context of the task by group.

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Colleagues, please help.

Hi @atampe
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  1. You may want to start with importing estimate fields as measures.
    Then you would have several sets of metrics related to each user group estimates:
    Developer estimation created, Developer estimation due, Developer estimation resolved, etc;
    the same for all other fields.
    Read more about importing numeric custom fields as measures:

  2. In the report, use measures “Developer estimation created”, “Test estimation created” instead of properties “Issue Test estimation”, “Issue Developer estimation”, etc.
    The numeric values on the issue-level would be the same as using properties (as they come from the same custom field), but measures are related to other dimensions (properties are not). Watch a short video about measures and properties:

  3. When you add Logged by Group dimension in columns, do not remove “All Logged by Group” member: the values from “Developer estimation created”, “Test estimation created” would be displayed in this column only, values for particular user groups would be empty (as Logged by dimensions are related only with worklog measures).
    For Hours spent, values would appear in all columns.

  4. Use “Hide empty columns” to hide empty columns where “… created” values are crossjoined with particular Logged by groups.

See example below (I used two other metrics with “… created” instead of your custom measures):

I hope it would help!