Ethernal loading when using embedded reports

Hi there,

We using the Eazybi Jira plugin and we would like to embed the eazybi reports using an iframe into our web portal (custom build software)
How ever when I follow the embed link I receive following error (allthough) the report functions like it should
Error parsing header X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block, 1; mode=block: expected semicolon at character position 13. The default protections will be applied.
Chrome Version 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

When I embed the iframe into our web portal the report shows the and loading icon keeps spinning for ever.
In the developers tools I see no new error’s except the one I mentioned above.
After a refresh or 2 the report works but if you visit the page after an hour the same issue reoccurces.
If I inspect the network traffic in the devtools I see that all the data is fetched from the server but not rendered on the screen.

Is this a bug that loading does not work correctly?
The report is also reverse proxied through Nginx to have the same domain and subdomain as the web portal, but I doubt the issue will be there.

Hi Tom!

No, this is not a known bug.
Could you please share more details of the steps you perform (with screenshots and exact links, if possible) to eazyBI support mailbox ( so we could assist you with finding the root cause. Additionally, please add eazyBI log files ( ). You can send them via email or upload in our contact form

Thank you for the cooperation and sorry for the troubles!
Lauma /


Thanks to my colleagues, we have found that the error you receive could be related to new security headers introduced in Jira 7.6, see more info here.

Some paths can be excluded, so in this case you could exclude eazyBI by editing Jira startup options and adding:


See more in eazyBI documentation and let me know if that helped!
Lauma /