Excel export - wrong format

when exporting reports in excel format we always have these problems:

  • the column witdh is changed
  • the rows colour of first rows and columns (gray) is not displayed

In our case , our reports are alwys exported in Excel 97-2003 ; is this reason for the wrong formatting when exporting? Is there a way for our IT to change to a more modern Excel version in which reports are exported? Would that solve the issue?


After export

Hi @AntonBDR

I would suggest exporting the report to PDF or, in the case of the chart view, to PNG files as well, in case you want to see the report table with all its formattings.
The main goal for exporting eazyBI reports to the excel or csv files is for further data processing, then any additional formatting is not needed and could be even cumbersome.

If this solution does not work for your use case, would you mind sharing it?

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

Hi @ilze.leite ,
thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this solution is not really helpful for us, we need the reports in excel format. And also, as far as I know: Tables can only be exported as csv or xlsx; am I wrong?

We have also tested exporting other reports and dashboards into PDF, and the results are not really satisfactory either (page breaks, strange formatting, etc…). Exporting report graphs to PNG have also turned in poor results (parameter names look on top o feach other).

In general, when comparing with other reporting tools, EazyBI makes quite a poor impression when it comes to exporting results. I´m sorry to say it so, but that´s how we see it. We are quite frustated with this topic.

Anyway thanks for your support.


Yes, export to PDF is available from any report (including tables) and dashboard.

Would you mind sharing the business process behind the need to export all reports to excel files?eazyBI is a business intelligence tool for data analysis and visualization, and its main benefits are interactive reports where you can drill any numbers instantly and look at them from different contexts, as well as the possibility to share them in dashboards, Confluence pages, on large screens (Wallboard option).
Exported to any file, those benefits are not available anymore.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com

HI @ilze.leite

thanks again for your answer.
We need to create for our customers several word/pdf documents including text written by ourselves and table reports. In each word/pdf document are several tables, that we used to copy/paste in it. Now with EazyBI is not possible anymore since we have to format the tables after exporting them.
We would also like to be able to customize our reports (with our company logo/colours); but this seems to be also not possible.

The interactive options that EazyBI offers are great for intern reporting. For extern reporting there are a large number of limitations.

Thanks again.