Exclude Closed Stories for Un-estimated Story Count



I have a situation where I am trying to get a count of stories that are un-estimated. I am finding that I have some stories that are un-estimated and also has a status of closed . I would like to exclude the stories that are closed from that count. I have tried filter function, but I am not correct on syntax. Can you help me with that?



Can I please get some help with this?



May I ask how do you count number of issues with un-estimated? I am rather new and have not been getting an accurate count of un-estimated issues.

For your specific question of excluding closed stories, would [Measures].[Issues closed]>0 as a condition to filter be useful? this is what used in the demo eazybi.com/accounts/1000/cubes one of the predefined measure “Average closing days”. Perhaps you can use the Filter function in your formula?


Hi kkt,

To get Count of Unestimated Stories
First, I am getting a Total Story Count for the release by using the following:

[Measure].[Issues created],
[Issue Type]. [Story],
[Fix Version.By name].[]

Then I am getting Count of Estimated Stories for the release by using the following:

[Measures].[Issues with Story Points created],
[Issue Type].[Story],
[Fix Version.By name].[]

Finally, I take Total Story Count and subtract Count of Estimated Stories
to get Count of Unestimated Stories. This has been accurate for me, so far. I’m new to this as well!!