Exclude selected users from a COUNT measure based on filter

For a calculated measure which counting the users for some filter - I need to exclude from the count few users if included in the filter.
For the following measure - I fail to add AND section to exclude list of users\ assignees.

Hi @Yaron_Moon

What is the layout of your report (what dimensions in columns/rows, page filters)?
Do you use the “Assignee” dimension also on the report to filter it?

As I understand your question, you could try hardcoding users you want to always exclude from the calculation

    [Assignee].CurrentMember.Name <> "User Displayname1"
    [Assignee].CurrentMember.Name <> "User Displayname2"
    [Measures].[Issues closed]>0

Martins / eazyBI

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Thank you for the simple answer - still catching up on this MDX query language.