Exclude tickets from report if they have been in specific statuses

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create a report where I need to exclude tickets from it if they have been through my “escalated” or “blocked” statuses.

Essentially the report is a check to see if tickets are being handled in time (using a datediff between created and resolved dates)

However the client wants to remove tickets that have been through those statuses since when they do, it’s beyond their control and they do not want those tickets affecting their overall metrics.

I’ve been at it for hours and I can’t get it to work.

Thank you

Hi @Esteban_Halabi
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When looking at your requirement, I recommend looking into Issue Cycles functionality (you can learn more about issue cycles here - Issue cycles

and here - Training videos on specific topics)

Issue cycles allow you to group multiple statuses together and once imported, eazyBI automatically creates various measures that you can use to analyze the amount of issues and time the issues spent in the Cycle (grouped statuses).

Once you import the cycle where you grouped your statues “Escalated” and “Blocked”, eazyBI will automatically import new measures, including the time the issue spent in these statuses. You could then define a new calculated measure where you subtract the time issue spent in the cycle "Escalated and “Blocked”

See an example in screenshot below where I have used a cycle “Waiting for customer”

[Measures].[Average resolution days]
[Measures].[Waiting for customer days]

This way you dont have to exclude these tickets, but only exclude the time those issues spent in these two statuses.

Best wishes,

Elita from support@eazybi.com

Thank you! I’ll try this out! :slight_smile:

Works like a charm! thank you very much

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