Exclude weekend from timeline view

Hello EazyBI Community,

I am building a chart of issue statuses over time (timeline view, stacked columns).
As nothing changes (usually) over the weekend I removed these from the report. In “table view mode” Saturdays and Sundays are not present, but when I switch back to timeline view I get these gaps where Sat/Sun should be.
Is there a way to customize timeline (X-Axis) so that the gaps will not be shown?


To filter data I am using a new calculated member in TIME dimension similar to the one detailed in the answer for this question: How to exclude weekends from Date Filter
Same unintended behavior (no weekends in table view, gaps in timeline view) occurs if I use “Day” member in TIME dimension and a custom measure “Day of the week” = [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(“Week day name”) in report to filter out Sat, Sun using this filter:
‘Day of the week’ NOT MATCHES ‘Saturday|Sunday’.

Thank you in advance!

A simple and elegant solution from EazyBI support:

I would suggest in this case to use the bar chart. It will only show the rows that you have in the table. Additionally, configure it to be a vertical and stacked chart that looks similar to the timeline bars.

One cannot ‘zoom’ a bar chart, but there are no other noticeable differences.


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