Excluding statuses in hierarchy

This is my advanced Jira roadmap hierarchy.

  • Feature
  • User story
  • Tasks

I have a bar graph that shows me all open Vs. closed tasks for a feature. How do I exclude the features that are in a specific status (Done) from this bar graph?

Hi Johan,

I do not see your part of the code related to the calculated measure for the tasks.
However I propose you to use the except function (more info)

You can also filter the tasks by adding a condition to your filter that Features should not be closed

Finally you can use Page to exclude the Issue Type features and done


Hi @Johanbehl ,
If you are using an Advanced roadmap hierarchy, you could create a Feature status dimension and filter all your children’s issues based on this dimension. You can create an aggregate member using Except() in the newly created dimension.
See this community post on how to create an issue link field dimension:

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

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