Expand All as Report Gets New Data

Hello, I have a table report that I’ve used the ‘expand all’ option so all issues list with parent and sub tasks but whenever new data comes in that issue remains collapsed. Does the expand all feature not carry forward for all new or changed issues? With the issues collapsed, when I export I lose the subtask data so I have to do the extra step to expand all every time I need to export. Is there a way that the report can remain expanded for all new or existing issues?

Hi @Alyssa_A,

When you refresh the report, eazyBI shows the report setup as it was Saved last time. For instance, if particular parent issues were expanded one by one and the report was saved, then eazyBI would expand only those specific issues when opened.

If you want to see all parent issues expanded to the Sub-task level, slightly modify the report.

  1. First, choose to Expand all for the Issue dimension. You can do it from the Dimesnion section “Drill into or expand” or by clicking on the dimension header in the report.

  2. Save the changes before closing the report.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com