Expand nested information

Good morning.
In my team we are faced with the following scenario:
Epics have associated issues called dependencies.
The need arose to make all the epics in the table always remain expanded. This is to allow the client to extract reports from both epics and their dependencies in the same view. However, no matter how much ‘Expand All’ is used and the changes are saved, in many cases the information collapses again and does not allow seeing all the data required by the client.

We need to know if there is any way we can expand the information nested in the tables (in this case the epics) permanently.
I’ll stay tuned, thank you very much

Hi @GabrielaGut,

You contacted the eazyBI support email, and I offered the following suggestions:

First, I recommend removing the Issue dimension from report pages and keeping it only in rows. After that, if you wish to view your report from Epics down, please select the particular level in the “All hierarchy level members” section. After that, use the “Expand all” option to expand the next level under the Epic issue. Click “Expand all” to expand further down.

But the problem could also be tied to how you defined the Issue dimension’s hierarchy. In the screenshot you shared, the issue COHOGAR-381 is referenced twice in different levels.


That is an indicator of a faulty hierarchy definition. Please share the contents of the eazyBI advanced settings - Advanced settings for custom fields.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com