Export - Test Management for Jira (TMJ4)


Is there a way to set the output report on Test Management for Jira?
I’m asking because when i try to export from these reports: execution result (list), test execution assigment, test execution results impacted by issues (see image), all the time show same info… I mean, without filter by issues, or grouping but assigment or results…

Also, i’m trying to use eazy bi but even doesnt show all the data


I do not know how Zephyr Scale (former Test Managemen for Jira) built-in reports work. But you can create your own reports in eazyBI and even create similar reports as the testing app provides (if you are clear on how those reports should work).

First, make sure to import Zephyr Scale testing data in eazyBI. Also, check if there is any imported test executions limit. For more details, please see the documentation: Zephyr Scale Test Management for Jira.

When data are imported, check out sample reports to see how testing reports are built in eazyBI (which dimensions and measures are used). Got o Analyse section and check out the “Samples Zephyr Scale” folder content.

Here in the Community are several Zephyr Scale report examples and use cases as well: Search results for 'tags:zephyr-scale' - eazyBI Community

Zane / support@eazyBI.com