Extract Month Name From Date As Dimension

My goal is to be able to compare the current year’s month with last years month. Essentially, I want to have the month names as a dimension, and be able to report all issues for that month name in each year specified (i.e. Jan, Feb, March etc.) Each month would have 3 data points associated with it (2017,2018,2019).

Any help on how to achieve this?




The solution for this use case could be implemented without the creation of a new dimension. I would recommend adding the Time dimension both to the page filter and rows, expand the Time dimension to the month level in rows and filter the current year in the pages.

To have the comparison with previous year you can use the “parallel period” function to shift the year to previous or earlier. For instance, the following formula gives the “Issues created” measure for the same month of the previous year (shift by 1 year):

( [Measures].[Issues created],
  ParallelPeriod([Time].[Year], 1, [Time].CurrentMember))

The report could look like this:

Janis, eazyBI support