Extreme sloweness when editing accounts source data

Hi guys. We have an annoying incident with our company EazyBI instance that handles more than 180 accounts.

When we need to edit source data, the edit screen takes from 1 to 5 mins to open (if is opened). This happens from about 1 month ago until now. We are using jira 4.5.4 self hosted and EazyBI 4.5.4 as a separate thread with 8Gb of RAM.

Thank you very much


Hi @Manuel_Boira,

Recently one of our customers faced a similar issue. For them, the problem was related to a huge amount of user groups. Do you have many user groups defined in your Jira instance?
If you have many user groups, please contact us by sending an e-mail to support@eazybi.com, we will provide a possible solution to improve the screen opening performance.

If you don’t have many user groups, please generate and send us HAR file from edit screen opening. You could generate one by following these steps:

  1. Go to Source Data tab where editing import options take a long time.
  2. Open Chrome Developer tools (Windows/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + J, Mac: ⌥ + ⌘ + J) and navigate to Network tab.
  3. Check checkbox ‘Preserve log’, so the information will be saved during page redirects.
  4. Click Edit to open import options screen.
  5. Right Click in the area where the network records are shown and select ‘Save as HAR with content’.
  6. While in Chrome Developer tools, please click navigate to Console tab and look whether there isn’t any error. If yes, please also copy or screenshot it.
  7. Send collected information to our support e-mail.

Best regards,
Janis Baiza

Bingo @janis.baiza we have about 6500 groups in crowd related with Jira and Confluence.
is this what we can consider too much groups?
Thank you

Hi Support Team,
the number of crowd groups was already high at the very beginning when we started eazyBI in 2017 and we did not see any issues with editing a JIRA Source Data at that time.
Current wait time to edit the source data in my project takes 11+ minutes ! This is unacceptable and nobody in the company will ever work with this interface and hence with eazyBI . So please treat this issue with the required urgency and bring performance back to where it was some months ago.
I am happy to have a call with your account manager to talk about options.

Hi @Eckarrol,

I’m sorry that it took so long to identify the problem as we wen’t into wrong direction with problem detection.
As I understood, the patch solved the problem and the solution will be included in the next eazyBI version.


Hi Janis, you are right. The patch was tested and it seems to resolve the problem.
We willl look forward for the next release to be able to test it on PROD.
Best regards