Facing access issue with migrated accounts from DC to Cloud

Hello there,

We migrated easyBI accounts from DC to Cloud using Database migrator. Post the migration, there was a pop-up denoting that migration was successful along with few warnings which I mentioned below.

Cannot find custom field “B2B/B2C (customfield_10800)”
Cannot find custom field “Request Type (customfield_12619)”
Cannot find custom field “Resources (customfield_12906)”
Cannot find custom field “Type of task/project (customfield_12905)”
Cannot find status “Closed (6)”

Now the issue is if we try to access any migrated reports or dashboards, we are getting the following error.

Error message:
ERROR: relation “dwh_71298.jira_issues_measures” does not exist
Position: 65

we have double-checked if the custom fields captured in the error message exist in Jira cloud or not and found it’s there with different IDs.

Could anyone help us proceed with the issue fix and understand the root cause of it, please?


Hi @Angel ,

Welcome to the eazyBI community. I believe you had a similar request in the internal eazyBI support channel. So I will share the suggested answer with the community.

The eazyBI database migration transfers only the eazyBI configuration and not the imported data. Please see more details here on what is migrated - Database migration. For this reason, all the Jira fields, custom fields, and their members are recognized by field IDs. However, if some field IDs don’t match in Server and Cloud, I recommend manually selecting the fields for import in the respective eazyBI account import options. In such a case, please also verify the field IDs in the eazyBI advanced settings.

Because eazyBI transfers the eazyBI account configuration and not the data imported into them, you have to manually initiate the first data imports after the migration Database migration. The error you encounter when opening reports, indicates you have not imported data yet. Please run the data imports, and the reports should return results.

eazyBI Cloud, just like in Server/Datacenter environment, imports data in a separate database. In this case, the database is hosted by us. Please read more regarding this topic on our Cloud Security Statment page - eazyBI for Jira Cloud Security Statement.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com