Feature Lead time - aggregating Average Transition status

I am looking to aggregate average days in Transition status to get say Feature Planning time , by combining average days with Transition status - Backlog, Funnel , Analyzing as Planning time. Please could you suggest how to combine days from multiple transition status to be shown as planning time. There are few related q&a but I could not work on those suggestions, as I have recently started using eazyBI for JIRA.


The demo report gives Average Days in status - Average lead and cycle time - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI , I am looking to combined few status as average planning time.

You found the correct report. There are several measures there.

I would suggest a measure Average days in cycle. You can build a new measure in your account with this formula or import the demo report.

You would like to define a cycle in the dimension Transition status as well. Check the formula example for Custom cycle in our demo account. Use the same formula and list your statuses in a new calculated member in the dimension Transition status Planning time:

  {[Transition Status].[Backlog],
   [Transition Status].[Funnel],
   [Transition Status].[Analyzing] 

Then you can use this calculated member in the dimension with a measure Average days in cycle or use this new calculated member in a tuple with this measure:

([Measures].[Average days in cycle], -- measure
[Transition Status].[Planning time]) -- new transition status calculated member

Daina / support@eazybi.com