Fetch Data in a Dimension

sorry if the title is missleading or wrong.
I have the dimension Project where i have for example Project 1, Project2, Project 3.
Every Project consits of around 1000 tickets.
I have a custom field: Contract Final Date.
This field will be filled out once in every project.
What i need is now a simple table showing me:

Project | Contract Final Date
Pro1 01.01.2020
Pro2 02.02.2022
Pro3 05.05.02022

I tried by i could not find any solution.

Please help me out of this.

BR, Herbert

Hi @HeWe,

You could import the Contract Final Date as a measure. Then we can find all Time members that have the measure Issues with Contract Final Date and get the last one of them.

Try the following formula (please note the capitalization and spelling of the measure) formatted as a date

    [Measures].[Issues with Contract Final Date] > 0

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

Hi @lauma.cirule
thanks for your answer. I already had almost the same solution. But your approach worked. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate your feedback.

BR, Herbert

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