Fetch the values which are coming on total cell

I want to get the values which are coming as total and use those values for further calculation.

Here in this image I want to fetch the value 78,34,25 and 7 separately.

I will use these values in calculation of another user-defined measure

My formula for a measure name WAC will be this=

(78* 8) + (34* 4 )+( 25* 2) +(7* 1) /

Hi @Sambhav ,
Can you share more details about the end report you wish to create?
I see that you are using the “Issues” dimension in rows. At the “Project” level, measures aggregate the values from the values below, and at the project level, you should be able to use the calculation you wish to create.
If you have different report needs, then please share more details.
Also, you can reach out directly to us at support@eazybi.com if you cannot share those details publicly.

Gerda // eazyBI support