Field from SubTask in Columns of Report?

I’m brand new to eazyBI and trying to figure out how I can add a value from an issues subtask as a column in my report.

I have an issue that may, or may not, have a subtask with a specific subtask type on it. If that subtask exists then I need to be able to get one of the fields from the subtask shown as a column on the report on the row for the parent issue.

Is that something that is even possible? Am I lacking in my overall knowledge of eazyBI and that’s why I haven’t been able to figure this out yet? Did I miss something in the documentation (more than likely)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

James Roberts
eazyBI Newb

Hi @skinrod876,

If you want to show a measure from your subtask, you can create a tuple using Issue type and it will calculate the value at Parent level (you need to select in Issue dimension Parent level in the hierarchy).
The formula for the calculated measure in Measure dimension:

  [Measures].[Number field created],
  [Issue Type].[Sub-task]

Using it in a report it would look like this:

Gerda //