Fields are not populated when importing data from Jira

Hi Everyone!
Recently I enabled 2 new fields (start date and end date) in the issue creation epic screen. In the imported options I choose as a property and also tried as a measure. When opened the report the field appear but it is not bringing any data.

Could you help me with that.



Issue properties should be used together with Issue dimension on the Rows.

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Hi Osvalda,

Thank your answer.
However I didn’t get how you solve the issue. When I import the data in the custom fields options I ticked the box to import as a property or measure and when I go back to the report the field appears but it is not showing the date.


Any idea?

Hi Karol,

I see you are using the measure ‘Issues with start date’ and the property ‘Issue start date’.
Those would return values once you have the Issues dimension on rows.

Would you mind showing what dimension you have on rows to look for the option of finding the relevant issue and retrieving its properties?

Kind regards,

Oskars /