Filter all issues by Epic Component (child issues don't contain the component)

Dear eazyBI,

I’ve got 3 teams working on the same JIRA project, they’re separated by component. Each epic is assigned to a component, but the child issues are not as that would be too much work.

I’m trying to find a way to filter my reports based on these components. If I use the Component filter in the Project dimension, it filters out all of my stories and leaves only the epics as the component field is empty for the stories.

I’ve tried to create an “Issue link field dimension” ( with the following code:

name = "Epic Component"
source_dimension = "Component"
issue_id_column = "epic_id"
group = "Linked issue dimensions"

but it doesn’t seem to work as it doesn’t import the dimension. Any thoughts or other ideas on how I could filter them?

Thank you,


Unfortunately, Link field dimensions do not work with Project dimension, including the Component level. We have registered this in eazyBI backlog, and I will paste here if there is any change regarding this improvement.

For now, I can suggest a solution if you are using some Jira scripted custom fields (like ScriptRunner or Jira Misc). You could write a code on the Jira side that would return the Epic component for each linked issue. This custom field would not need to be displayed in Jira, but it could be imported to eazyBI as multi-value dimension and used for filtering.
More details about Jira MISC custom fields are in documentation

If this solution does not work for you, please share more details of the report you are looking to create so I could think if there is an option for MDX calculation.

Lauma /

In eazyBI is an option to import the combinations of components and pass them own to epic child issues.
See this Community post for more details: