Filter assignees by other project

Hi!!! Thank you for amazing app

But I have a problem, I have 2 projects: in first I have issues called employees and one issue per one user with user field ‘Employee’ and string field ‘Team’

In Second project I have issues for assignee and also field ‘Team’ is used. When You assign issue on me - script will take ‘team’ field from my employee issue.

When I get it all to eazybi I face a problem

Assignees starts to duplicate in teams (Because it looks through all issues)
I can check “Hide empty” but in that case I won’t be able to see members of team until they start work or other activity. But I want to see “0” instead like this.

team1 | assignee1 | 0
assignee2 | 3
assignee6 | 9
team2 | assignee3 | 4
assignee4 | 0
assignee5 | 0

What I need to do?


Make sure that “Nonempty” cross join is enabled for your report rows.
If that didn’t help, please share more details about the the formula you use for the user-defined measure in your report.

Martins / eazyBI support

But I want to see empty team mates(
I want to see them only in their team


I didn’t mean to select “Hide empty” from toolbars but “Nonempty” cross join (and leave hide empty turned off) to show only assignees that belong to report context.


It Does not work
I want to see empty dates, I want to see empty teams. If I will check
I want to see members of this teams with no issues. I need to show users that belongs to teams only
This is what I have now

This is what I got with nonempty enabled

Half of days is gone, second team is gone


You are right, this didn’t help.
A different approach is needed in your case.
Try creating one more calculated measure that would add the connection for the issue with team name and Assignee except Time dimension.

[Measure].[Issues created],

Then disable “Nonempy” crossjoin but use the filter in your report rows New measure > 0.
Once filter is enabled, it is safe to remove this column from the report (filter should remain).
That should show only those correct assignees for each team.


It seems it works now!