Filter by subtask type

I need to create a report where in the rows I have all the issues with a specific subtask type (All Stories containing at least one subtask of type Defect). How can I achieve this?



Perhaps, the simplest way of how to design such a report is to use the Sub-task hierarchy in the Issue rows. Once you have selected the Parent level in this hierarchy, a custom measure with the formula like this provides the number of specific sub-tasks under the parent (in my case, “Data task”):

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Data task])

Now you can add the issue type as a property in the report columns and apply filtering to have the parents with at least one sub-tasks and of a specific issue type:

Janis, eazyBI support

Let me try to explain a bit better what I want to achieve as I appreciate I was not clear enough.
Our Stories in jira have a sub task defect (defects related to the story).
Now, for a given set of stories I want to have on the rows all the stories (containing at least one defect) and in the columns the statuses of those defects (count of defects on each status). I guess I have to put the Status in the Column, but I still need to filter by specific issue type (defect).

is this anyhow clearer?

The solution I’ve beed looking so far is :

In the rows I’ve put Issue and selected Parent.
in the columns I defined a calculated measure similar to:
Count([Measures].[Issue type].[Defect])
and in the column I’ve added also the Status measure group as I need to have the count in each status.

Should this work?

Thank you for the additional input. Please, try the following formula for the custom measure:

[Measures].[Issue type]="Story"
NonZero(([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Defect]))

The idea is that using the sub-task hierarhcy all the sub-tasks are under the parent level (I assume, the Defects in your Jira are a sub-task issue type). The formula provided above gives the number of sub-tasks of the defect type per each parent. Now you can apply the “Hide empty” option to hide other parent level issues than stories and add the Status dimension to the columns to count the defects under Stories by Status:

Janis, eazyBI support