Filter by time but on different values

Hi, i would like to produce a report with number of issues closed and number of bugs created with a time page filter. however the time filter act on issue creation date while i need it in this scenario to work for some values on the close date of the issue


Welcome to the eazyBI community!

Different measures are related to different dates. For example, measure “Issues resolved” is related to resolution date, “Issues closed” - to the closing date. Read here about all measures: Jira Core measures and dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

In your report, you may want to use the measure "Issues closed " for how many issues were closed during the selected time period.

For created bugs, create a custom measure (in Measures) with a tuple from measure “Issues created” and issue type “Bug” to count bugs by their creation date. The formula would be the following:

([Measures].[Issues created], [Issue Type].[Bug])

When you put together the report, select those measures in the report Columns.
In Pages, select the Time dimension to specify the time period.
In Rows, use the dimension you need (Projects, for instance)

See the report below on how many bugs were created and issues closed during 2019 in two specific projects (and together):


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