Filter dataset for issues that have certain wording in title

Is it possible to create a set of issues that have a certain word in the title? For example the word “TEST”.



Yes, it is possible to create an aggregated member in the Issue dimension by pattern matching in the Issue summary:

  [Issue].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*TEST.*"

I would, however, recommend avoiding such constructions in eazyBI. This formula iterates over a full set of Issues and is very likely to have performance problems when used in reports.

Your use case indicates that there is a business logic implemented with the naming convention of Jira Issues. You may consider using the proper Issue type or a custom field for identifying a specific kind of issues. That would make the filtering much more efficient in eazyBI.

Alternatively, you may consider implementing the Javascript calculated custom field in eazyBI and precalculate the Issue name patterns during the data import. See here for more in the eazyBI documentation:

This topic was also discussed in the presentation from the latest eazyBI community days:


Thanks a lot Janis; that´s great valuable information!