Filter for First Issue Created

We are trying to create a report for new client projects, so at the moment my best idea to filter for this would be to filter for the first issue created for the client (we use the dimension Project for the client). Even better would be the first two or three issues created. Another way to show this would be to filter for projects that have two or less “New Studies” (Project Type dimension).
We also need to be able to see the issue level detail, I tried this and it wouldn’t work once I expanded the issue level:

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Project Type].[New Study]) <=2

I’m not sure how to go about showing this in the report, does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!!

Hi @Stevie_Clark,
If you want to get the first date when the project’s issues were created, you can use this expression if the Issue dimension is in Rows:

).FirstChild.get('Created at')

But can you share more details on what you would like your end report to look like?
If you share more details about the end result, I can better adjust the solution to meet your needs.

Gerda //